HydraCoach, Inc. was founded early in 1999 when the hydration monitor concept was conceived from the personal needs of founders Craig and Kelly Perkins.

Having been avid outdoor enthusiasts all their lives, it was the result of two experiences in particular that taught them the importance of proper hydration. Craig received his second hardest lesson when he was 25 years old and in excellent shape. While attempting to climb 14,497-foot Mt. Whitney, Craig fell ill from dehydration at 13,000 feet and was forced to descend.

Craig’s hardest lesson came in September of 1996, when he and Kelly were making their way down Half Dome in Yosemite after reaching its summit. This was Kelly’s first serious hike following a heart transplant operation only ten months earlier. Using a concealed hydration backpack, Kelly was unable to gauge her rate of fluid intake during the climb.

Disastrously, she ran out of water four miles from the nearest stream. Severe dehydration put Kelly back in the hospital where she fortunately made a full recovery.


Fluids need to be more than just available and accessible, they also need to be quantifiable in order to be meaningful. While much has been written about the importance of proper hydration, including how much one should drink, Craig and Kelly realized there had never been a device to help individuals adhere to the expert’s recommendations.

The HydraCoach Hydration Monitor is a new category of portable electronic consumer products. It is designed to help athletes, medical professionals and health/diet conscious individuals plan and monitor personal hydration needs for themselves or for those in their care.

The Company’s innovative design and technology provides users with instant real-time and ongoing feedback, as well as customized information on the volume and cumulative rate of fluid intake. This information allows individuals to easily monitor and attain fluid consumption goals in order to help promote and maintain proper hydration.